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Barrevolution combines the small motions of ballet, core conditioning of pilates as well as low-impact cardio to result in strength, balance, and empowerment of both the mind and body.

The Benefits of Barre are Endles s

  • Increased flexibility and posture after just a few classes

  • Quicker results by rapidly building new muscles by working body parts to exhaustion

  • A full-body workout focusing on small, repetitive movements in the arms, back, core, glutes, and legs.

  • Long, lean muscle definition through controlled movements with a specific purpose to reduce pressure on your joints, tendons, and spine

  • A sense of mental empowerment as you walk out of classes, feeling ready to tackle the other 23 hours of your day

  • Inherit a community of amazing, like-minded members who are striving to become the best version of themselves

  • A fun, cheerful atmosphere with classes set to upbeat music

Created with love by Lara

Lara Custer created and founded Barrevolution in July 2015. After four years of an amazing entrepreneur journey, she passed the barre to Linaya Johnson, who has been with Lara as an instructor since Barrevolution's inception. We are excited for Lara's new adventure into motherhood and new leadership under Linaya, where we will "Raise the Barre.”


Drop into any class and see why we #lovethisbarre!

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