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Our Studio Exudes Warmth


“We sincerely care about each one of our clients, and we are truly grateful for the community created at Barrevolution.”

Barrevolution prides itself on a non-competitive, friendly, and respectful environment. From a clean atmosphere to our deeply committed instructors, Barrevolution ensures that both new and seasoned clients feel like they belong. Barrevolution offers small class-sizes (less than 20!). We keep our classes small on purpose - we want to know you and help you achieve your personal goals. Our instructors are motivating and caring and will get to know you so they can lead you to your best self. We love our warm community feel - you may even make new friends while working out!

Clas ses are All Levels
New to our studio?  No worries!  Our classes are safe for everyone. This is truly a space where you can work to your own unique level in each class. All classes range from beginner to advanced, and our instructors are equipped with modifications for every exercise.  

Clas s Information


Signature Barre

Our signature class; this full-body workout will quickly tighten, trim and tone the body by deeply engaging overlooked accessory muscles through tiny, repetitive movements. These tiny movements fatigue the muscles to exhaustion, which gets the body shaking, shaping, and changing quickly.

Raise the Barre

Sculpt, balance, energize and SMILE with this class that only uses the body bar to give you a cardio-blasting, body-toning, core-conditioning workout.

TRX-Barre Fusion

A total body work out combining the body weight suspension training of the TRX coupled with your favorite pulses and shakes of barre.

Barre-Yoga Fusion

The perfect blend of intensity and relaxation. The first half of the class is taken at the barre followed by a yoga flow to stretch out all the muscles just worked. This fusion is a great way to boost the metabolism then unwind and turn off the mind. 

Barre-Pilates Fusion

Pilates focuses on core strength but also, trains the body as an integrated whole. The attention given to the mind-body connection provides a level of integrated fitness that is hard to find elsewhere.
TRX Yoga
The ultimate mind/body experience combining the lengthening, strengthening and balancing elements of vinyasa yoga using the TRX suspension straps to leverage your body against gravity and take your practice to the next level.
A fun, energy-driven, cardio-blasting, core-conditioning, body toning class with options for Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You control your workout! Also try TRX LIIT HIIT!


CORECare™ is a 35-minute power-packed, music inspired workout designed to build core strength, stability, and endurance. You will tighten, tone and test your core with a variety of exercises that go far beyond a sit up.
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